Embossing Technology

Specialty Films Applications

Cast Films: Chill Rolls, Chrome Rolls, Heat Transfer, Extrusion Rolls

Pamarco provides temperature stabilization rolls that are critical in processing substrates that must be cooled or heated to conform to a specific end product result.

Double shelled spiral-wound temperature stabilization rolls are engineered to very specific tolerances. These rolls hold temperature consistency to less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit end-to-end across the face and are precision engineered to your most exacting specifications. Pamarco provides these rolls stress-relieved and dynamically balanced with a precision ground finish holding exacting T.I.R. tolerances.


Medical Film
Food Packaging
Diaper Film
Wall Covering
Extruded Rigid Sheeting


Double Shell, Spiral Wound, Mild Steel
Single Shell Application Rolls
Rubber Roll Cores
Plate Rolls
Idler Rolls


Specialty Options: Surface Finishes

Pamarco’s state of the art production facilities provide many types of precision engineered surfaces:

  • Specialty matte finishes providing converters with roughness up to 600 R/A
  • Bead blasted technology providing the finest “non-streak” suede finishes
  • Flawless chrome finishes as fine as 0.5 R/A

Along with conventional grinding and polishing surface finishing techniques, Pamarco can provide a multitude of custom grit-blasted/shot formed surface finishes meeting the specific requirements for your applications.